35fcd7aPiyush Govil – Co-founder and CEO

As Co-founder of Fabless Labs, Piyush is in his element while developing the next generation of truly open, open source analytics solutions. In the analytics space for 18 years, he has led analytics efforts requiring a broad spectrum of analytical capability ranging from mathematical optimization and predictive modeling to executive dashboards, scorecards and formatted reporting.

Prior to working at Fabless Labs, he led the Analytics Platform team at C3.   Recognizing the limitations of enterprise analytics offerings and the revolutionary power of Cloud and Big Data technologies, Piyush co-founded Fabless Labs in 2012.

Piyush started his career as a management consultant in the Travel and Transportation industry, delivering pricing, revenue management, forecasting and optimizations solutions.  His broad experience includes delivering solutions for some of the biggest and most complicated analytical problems in energy , retail, financial services, logistics, manufacturing and travel and transportation. With rapid growth in data volumes, his recent experience has centered on large-scale sensor and mobile data processing.

Piyush is likewise no stranger to the challenges of real-time and complex information management. For him, this is the perfect intersection of his passion for real-time decision-making and the rapid transformation taking place in the marketplace.

John West – Co-founder and CTO

John West’s deep knowledge of analytics comes from a 31-year stretch of enterprise software, IT and data science. John is a  hands-on leader with many large-scale, complex-logic systems under his belt at places like Lytton, Vantive, IRI and Vendavo. His extensive patent portfolio reflects his thought leadership in the data analytics space.

While there is a current focus on analytics with large data sets, John was a pioneer in the field long before it hit the spotlight. He was the architect for very large data analytics processing at places like IRI, where he allowed IRI to keep data in memory and report against 100 billion records.