Fabless Labs is a real-time Big Data solution that integrates quickly and easily into your environment.

What makes us unique?

While most solutions solve part of the equation, we’ve taken an end-to-end approach. With our years of experience, we were in data analytics long before the hype.

How do we do it?

We’ve built an application that ties it all together and allows you to retrieve, massage, dashboard and optimize today’s Big Data, and on hardware optimized for Hadoop, the most popular solution.

How have we done this?

With a focus on open source solutions, you won’t spend tens of thousands to buy software or millions to implement.

Why should I care?

The ability to integrate quickly and easily into any environment will bring about a solution in a short time, not years.

How can we get started?

We start with an assessment, build a roadmap and never treat you like a laboratory experiment.

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