A great time to be a very small startup

As an independent intellectual property attorney, I get to work with the best Silicon Valley startup companies as they launch new ideas. It gives me a remarkable view into the next generation marketplace and the technology that supports it. I couldn’t imagine a better use of my skills.

I don’t think there’s ever been a better time to start a technology business. Today’s tools make everything from branding to email a simple affair and keep overhead low and nearly free. No fancy address is required to instill investor confidence as we’ve accepted that some of the greatest ideas can start anywhere, like in a college dorm. Working out of a residence is no stigma in today’s startup scene.

Beyond setting up shop, some of the best new tools are open source and don’t require contracts or royalties to various software vendors for embedded functionality. Hadoop is one of the best examples of a hot product that doesn’t have any contracts associated with it.

Beyond extremely low overhead, it has been years since investors were so willing to fund new, unproven ideas. There is a strong sense that we’re on the verge of another technology breakout that will be look back on as a watershed moment in technology. What a great time to be in this business.

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